Monday, 25 February 2008

Ruane a Waste of Space

Only in Northern Ireland could a woman like Catriona Ruane (or Katrina Rooney to give her her proper name) hold the title of Minister of Education. My understanding of the political scene in Northern Ireland is far from extensive, but reading from afar, her performance so far beggars belief. Her recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph perfectly illustrates just how inept and clueless she and her 'advisors' are. To say that the media are "scaremongering" by pressing her on timetables for a replacement transfer system is ridiculous and offensive in the extreme. Ruane apparently does not understand the meaning of public accountability and seems to think that having the status of Minister is some sort of privilege. It is surely every parents RIGHT to know exactly how their children's very futures will be decided. And it is a primary role of the media to quiz Ministers on such matters where there is any element of doubt. Yet according to Ruane, parents are wrong to be concerned and the interfering media should keep their noses out of matters until she informs us "in due time". I have no doubt that the reason the public have not yet been told what will happen is because Ruane doesn't actually know herself. Is this yet another case of Sinn Fein picking and choosing which 'rights' they think the people of Northern Ireland should be entitled to?


Chekov said...

The worst minister of all time, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sandra has had Ruane.