Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wishing Eduardo a Speedy Recovery

I would just like to wish Arsenal’s classy striker Eduardo a full and speedy recovery, after his horrific leg break last Saturday. The silky Brazilian-born Croatian has taken some time to settle into the Premier League, but was finally beginning to establish himself in the Gunners first team thanks to his clever movement and sublime finishing. But this is the type of injury that every footballer dreads the most, and one almost had to look away from the screen as the incident was shown in super slow motion. The injury evokes memories of David Busst’s similar injury in 1996, although in that instance the break was higher up the leg with Busst having sustained 3 compound fractures after being hit by two players simultaneously. Interestingly, the ex-Coventry man recently revealed when commenting on Eduardo that it was not the actual break that ended his career, but the infections he suffered during the healing process that forced him to quit. Indeed, his bone had fully healed within a year. Whilst there are no guarantees that Eduardo will be able to resume his career at the highest level, the noises coming from the surgeons and physios all seem positive. This is good news for Eduardo who will no doubt receive the best medical treatment available, and hopes to be back in action within 9 months.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Ruane a Waste of Space

Only in Northern Ireland could a woman like Catriona Ruane (or Katrina Rooney to give her her proper name) hold the title of Minister of Education. My understanding of the political scene in Northern Ireland is far from extensive, but reading from afar, her performance so far beggars belief. Her recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph perfectly illustrates just how inept and clueless she and her 'advisors' are. To say that the media are "scaremongering" by pressing her on timetables for a replacement transfer system is ridiculous and offensive in the extreme. Ruane apparently does not understand the meaning of public accountability and seems to think that having the status of Minister is some sort of privilege. It is surely every parents RIGHT to know exactly how their children's very futures will be decided. And it is a primary role of the media to quiz Ministers on such matters where there is any element of doubt. Yet according to Ruane, parents are wrong to be concerned and the interfering media should keep their noses out of matters until she informs us "in due time". I have no doubt that the reason the public have not yet been told what will happen is because Ruane doesn't actually know herself. Is this yet another case of Sinn Fein picking and choosing which 'rights' they think the people of Northern Ireland should be entitled to?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Brit Awards Sham

I inadvertently caught part of the Brit Awards last night on ITV, with the whole event appearing to be nothing more than an Amy Winehouse love-in. Obviously these awards are fixed but what disturbed me most was the sheer unprofessionalism of the whole thing. It seemed that everyone, including the award winners, award givers, guests and even the presenters (the Osbourne Family) were absolutely inebriated! Now I realise that this is the entertainment industry and those taking part are not expected to conduct themselves like respectable politicians, but the lack of respect shown to the viewer disgusted me. One award giver literally stumbled on stage, clumsily grabbing the microphone and attempted to describe the nominees. He failed miserably, missed his cue and simply growled "ahhnnd the winner is...." The abhorrent Winehouse herself, obviously ravaged by self pity, could barely stand and her singing was mumbled and incomprehensible. At the end she eventually dedicated her 'performance' to her darling (incarcerated) husband Blake (who was recently rushed to prison hospital having overdosed on heroin). But apparently, I am reliably informed, she is a tortured genuis. The one notable exception was Kylie Minogue who in fairness looked stunning and brought a modicum of gracefulness to the ceremony. But as a whole it was, in my opinion, a glaring reflection of the current state of British society - totally lacking in self confidence.